DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGradeResultTrainerSyndicator
29/11/2016Our Girl Charlie3MyboycharlieWillinganiTAMW: F&M MAIDEN PLATE 1Kris Lees
28/11/2016Gifted Curves4OnemorenomoreCurvaceousWAGG: MAIDEN PLATE 2Garry Rolfe
27/11/2016Really Reilly5O'ReillyVera's PrideSCST: 0 - 75 Hcp 3Steven O'dea
27/11/2016Bella Venus5Big BrownBellashamHOB: BM72 Hcp 2Charlie Goggin & Luella Meaburn
27/11/2016Tahsin4DenmanHonorjeuK GR: MAIDEN PLATE 3John P Thompson
26/11/2016Portree in Motion4StrategicIsle of SkyeY VL: 0 - 58 Hcp 3John Price
26/11/2016Velonski7FalvelonSkidoodleY VL: 0 - 58 Hcp 2Dean Krongold
26/11/2016What a Shock3ShockingTiz KateM V: 3-Y-O BM70 Hcp 2Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
25/11/2016Fire Agate4StrategicCrystal BelleCRAN: BM64 Hcp 1Greg Eurell
25/11/2016Sea Sharp4SebringSharpenCANT: BENCHMARK 71 HANDICAP 2Tim Martin
25/11/2016Linguist3HelmetVocabularyCRAN: 3-Y-O Fillies Maiden Plte 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
25/11/2016Stimuli5NicconiMal de MerMWBK: CLASS 3 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
25/11/2016Mark My Word3Written TycoonTake Your MarkIPSW: QTIS 3-Y-O Maiden Hcp 3Bruce W Hill
25/11/2016Deneeky2DenmanCheeky OrderMWBK: STARMAKER 2YO HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
25/11/2016Delirium3Exceed And ExcelRed FeverIPSW: Maiden Plte 1Chris Munce
24/11/2016Labrooke4HinchinbrookLaebeelWYNG: BENCHMARK 60 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
24/11/2016See Me Fly4SebringFly By NightBDGO: BM64 Hcp 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
24/11/2016Arbeitsam3SnitzelWorkhardWYNG: 3YO MAIDEN PLATE 1Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott
22/11/2016Strike for Victory3Smart MissileReve de VictoireP MQ: CLASS 1 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
22/11/2016Glitra4StravinskyThe GlitterP MQ: MAIDEN PLATE 1Kris Lees
21/11/2016Unyielding4I Am InvincibleCalemoreWAGG: BENCHMARK 60 HANDICAP 1Nick Olive
21/11/2016Ay Oh Whey Oh4Reward for EffortWalklikeanegyptianWAGG: CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 3Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
20/11/2016Media Maid5PublishingKai AnnaGRAF: BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 2Bruce W Hill
20/11/2016Thewayweare5ThewayyouareMia Le FayGOUL: BENCHMARK 62 HANDICAP 1John P Thompson
20/11/2016Cool Sequence4SequaloHigh AltSCST: Class 2 Hcp 2Steven O'dea
19/11/2016Man of His Word4Lope de VegaMandalinaE FM: Class 6 Plte 2Bruce W Hill
19/11/2016More Than a Rose4More Than ReadyRose of SharonGCST: Class 1 Hcp 3John P Thompson
18/11/2016Littlesnitz3SnitzelJubilee KateKYNE: BM58 Hcp 1Ciaron Maher
18/11/2016Tough Vic3Tough SpeedVickersHOB: 3YO&Up Maiden Plte 1Charlie Goggin & Luella Meaburn
17/11/2016Sir Sagamore4Real SagaStepping StonesPAKM: BM70 Hcp 1Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
17/11/2016Oh So Assertive6StratumMore AssertiveSCNE: MERRIWA HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
17/11/2016Lasayette4RothesayLa MouetteWNBL: BM64 Hcp 1Darren Weir
17/11/2016Plein Ciel4MamoolPicobellaWNBL: Maiden Plte 1Darren Weir
15/11/2016Always Flushed4More Than ReadyQuick BlushMRYA: MAIDEN PLATE 1Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
15/11/2016Stimuli5NicconiMal de MerTAR: CLASS 2 PLATE 1Kris Lees
13/11/2016Hetuka Zarsho4SebringZarshoGEEL: BM58 Hcp 2Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
13/11/2016Really Reilly5O'ReillyVera's PrideSCST: Class 4 Hcp 1Steven O'dea
13/11/2016Justiceforall6Not a Single DoubtLady CriquetteDON: BM64 Hcp 2Darren Weir
12/11/2016Velonski7FalvelonSkidoodleDUNK: 0 - 58 Hcp 3Dean Krongold
12/11/2016Flying Jess3HinchinbrookMaritessSANH: Twilight Glow Stakes Listed4John Moloney
12/11/2016Husson Eagle5HussonTie Me UpSANH: Doveton Stakes Listed1Patrick Payne
12/11/2016Sea Sharp4SebringSharpenK GR: CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1Tim Martin
11/11/2016Trevinder6Dane ShadowKiss Me SophieM V: BM90 Hcp 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
11/11/2016Media Maid5PublishingKai AnnaBLNA: BENCHMARK 60 HANDICAP 1Bruce W Hill
11/11/2016Sestertia4Testa RossaFriyeMOE: Maiden Plte 2Luke Oliver
10/11/2016Isthmian3I Am InvincibleAmber's ArionP MQ: BENCHMARK 55 HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
09/11/2016Lothario4NicconiSeduction LineE FM: Class 3 Hcp 1Steven O'dea
09/11/2016What a Shock3ShockingTiz KateBDGO: Maiden Plte 1Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
09/11/2016Husson Boots3HussonHead Over HeelsE FM: Fillies & Mares Mdn Plte 2Tony Gollan
08/11/2016Tykiato5Written TycoonOkiatoMORN: BM70 Hcp 1John Price
06/11/2016More Than a Rose4More Than ReadyRose of SharonSCST: Class 1 Hcp 3John P Thompson
06/11/2016Dodge the Press4PublishingDodgetteSCST: Class 1 Hcp 2Chris Munce
05/11/2016Lips Areios5AreionLady LipsGEEL: BM78 Hcp 3Darren Weir
05/11/2016Champ Elect2ChoisirChampalouDOOM: QTIS 2-Y-O Hcp 1Chris Munce
04/11/2016Mossbeat5MossmanBeatriceCRAN: BM78 Hcp 1David & B Hayes & T Dabernig
04/11/2016Strike for Victory3Smart MissileReve de VictoireKEMP: MAIDEN PLATE 1Kris Lees
03/11/2016Miss Scandilous4MagnusMidnight BluesPAKM: BM58 Hcp 2Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
03/11/2016Thewayweare5ThewayyouareMia Le FayHAWK: MITAVITE CL 4 HCP 3John P Thompson
02/11/2016Lasayette4RothesayLa MouetteKYNE: BM64 Hcp 3Darren Weir
01/11/2016Rhymes3Medaglia D'oroRipe PlumMWBK: MAIDEN HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
01/11/2016Ay Oh Whey Oh4Reward for EffortWalklikeanegyptianMRYA: MAIDEN PLATE 2Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
01/11/2016Bella Venus5Big BrownBellashamHOB: BM62 Hcp 2Charlie Goggin & Luella Meaburn