DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGradeResultTrainerSyndicator
31/08/2015Inflict3Ad ValoremImposedBATH: 3YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 2Gerald Ryan
31/08/2015Ay Oh Whey Oh3Reward for EffortWalklikeanegyptianWOD: 3-Y-O Maiden Plte 3Peter G Moody
30/08/2015Grand Dazzler3Red DazzlerJust a TickGCST: QTIS 3-Y-O BM 65 HCP 3Bruce W Hill
30/08/2015Lilly the Filly5Hold That TigerWinning TeamGCST: Class 3 Plte 1Bruce W Hill
29/08/2015Star Appearance3Star WitnessWaddleHAWK: MAIDEN HANDICAP 2Gerald Ryan
29/08/2015Thorsborne3HinchinbrookMalteseHAWK: CLASS 2 HANDICAP 3Gerald Ryan
27/08/2015Classy Al5Al SamerClassical ConnieBRAT: BM70 Hcp 2Greg Eurell
27/08/2015Hazy Blur4Magic AlbertRed CentreCESS: CLASS 1 HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
25/08/2015Glitra3StravinskyThe GlitterGOSF: 3YO C&G MAIDEN PLATE 2Bart & James Cummings
23/08/2015Cool Sequence3SequaloHigh AltSCST: Maiden Plte 3Steven O'dea
22/08/2015Grand Faith5Keep the FaithSmooth As SilkMOE: Hwgt Maiden Plate 3Luke Oliver
20/08/2015Hazy Blur4Magic AlbertRed CentreHAWK: PROV & CTRY MAIDEN HCP 1Kris Lees
18/08/2015Glorious Sinndar5SinndarAloisiNCLE: CLASS 2 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
15/08/2015Boris Badenov5Magic AlbertBadinov's BabeCSNO: CASINO CUP 2Matthew Dunn
15/08/2015Awasita5CommandsAemileeRHIL: BENCHMARK 75 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
15/08/2015Romanticize5DanewinMiss RomanceJ CK: Class 3 Plte 3Kerry Krogh
15/08/2015Rosettas Whey3Testa RossaFromageK GR: F&M MAIDEN HANDICAP 2Gerald Ryan
13/08/2015See Me Fly3SebringFly By NightSALE: 3-Y-O Maiden Plte 2Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
12/08/2015Mossbeat4MossmanBeatriceSANH: Fillies & Mares BM70 Hcp 3Robbie Griffiths
12/08/2015Draw Your Swords5Lion HeartKrystal StormBLMT: 0 - 68 Hcp 3Ian Glading
12/08/2015Thorsborne3HinchinbrookMalteseCANT: F&M BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 2Gerald Ryan
12/08/2015Raido4HussonMisguidingDOOM: C,G&E 0-75 HCP 1Kris Lees
12/08/2015Overstay3Street CryAssertive GuestSANH: 3-Y-O Fillies BM64 Hcp 2Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
11/08/2015Bizarre4Written TycoonCanhillGEES: Fillies & Mares BM64 Hcp 2John Price
09/08/2015Classy Al5Al SamerClassical ConnieBRAT: BM70 Hcp 2Greg Eurell
09/08/2015Testalina5Testa RossaDevilinaSCNE: CLASS 2 HANDICAP 1Allan Denham
09/08/2015Unyielding3I Am InvincibleCalemoreSAPH: MAIDEN HANDICAP 1Nick Olive
08/08/2015Game Pie4TamayuzPrincess NalaNCLE: MAIDEN HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
06/08/2015Romanticize5DanewinMiss RomanceMT I: Class 2 Hcp 2Kerry Krogh
05/08/2015Sir Sagamore3Real SagaStepping StonesSANH: 3-Y-O Maiden Plte 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
04/08/2015Destined to Win5Dane ShadowPredestinedGOUL: CLASS 2 HANDICAP 2John Bateman
02/08/2015Miss Del Toro7BenicioFragilisticBDLE: BM70 Hcp 2Catherine Martindale
02/08/2015Really Reilly4O'ReillyVera's PrideSCST: Maiden Plte 3Steven O'dea