DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGradeResultTrainerSyndicator
30/06/2016Naranja3MossmanSevillanoWYNG: CG&E BENCHMARK 65 HCP 1Kris Lees
29/06/2016Annaman4MossmanShine On AnnaDOOM: BM 75 HCP 3Tony Gollan
28/06/2016No Pain No Gain3Reward for EffortFairy RainbeamGEES: Class 1 Hcp 3David Brideoake
27/06/2016Benny Goes Berzerk2Street BossMiomboECHA: 2-Y-O Maiden Plte 2Darren Weir
26/06/2016Lilly the Filly5Hold That TigerWinning TeamGCST: SKY RACING Class 3 Hcp 2Bruce W Hill
24/06/2016Counterfire3PentireJetusinCANB: CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 3John Bateman
24/06/2016Chicago Magic4Magic AlbertChicago SevenCANB: F&M MAIDEN PLATE 2Tim Donnelly
19/06/2016Classy Al5Al SamerClassical ConnieSALE: BM64 Hcp 2Greg Eurell
19/06/2016Savvy Belle2Smart MissileClever ClogsSALE: 2-Y-O Fillies Maiden Plte 2Ciaron Maher
18/06/2016Lomazzo3Magic AlbertGraphite LassBEAU: CG&E CLASS 1 HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
18/06/2016Princess Posh2Canford CliffsThe BaronessBEAU: 2YO MAIDEN HCP 3Kris Lees
18/06/2016Artie Dee Two2Artie SchillerStar LogieM V: Super VOBIS 2-Y-O Hcp 1Darren Weir
18/06/2016Dinky Di Dora3Redoute's ChoiceDiana CazadoraBEAU: F&M MAIDEN PLATE 1Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott
17/06/2016Go Arrivederci3SnitzelLady CayGOSF: CLASS 2 HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
16/06/2016Shining Brooke3HinchinbrookShine On AnnaTAR: 3YO COUNTRY PLATE 1Kris Lees
15/06/2016Gee Whizzer4Written TycoonPosition ExSANH: BM70 Hcp 3John Price
15/06/2016Berlutti4Not a Single DoubtBlahniksSANH: BM78 Hcp 1Mick Price
15/06/2016Annaman4MossmanShine On AnnaDOOM: Class 5 Hcp 2Tony Gollan
12/06/2016Cannon Run3High ChaparralJamrahHAWK: MAIDEN HANDICAP 1John P Thompson
11/06/2016Brook Road5God's OwnCool GalRAND: JUNE STAKES Listed5Kris Lees
11/06/2016Rosettas Whey3Testa RossaFromageBEAU: F&M BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 1Gerald Ryan
11/06/2016Letsava Win3SavabeelClassicalBEAU: MAIDEN PLATE 1Kris Lees
11/06/2016Arbeitsam2SnitzelWorkhardBEAU: 2YO MAIDEN HANDICAP 3Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott
07/06/2016Gee Whizzer4Written TycoonPosition ExGEES: BM64 Hcp 1John Price
07/06/2016Chicago Magic4Magic AlbertChicago SevenWAGG: MAIDEN HANDICAP 3Tim Donnelly
04/06/2016Celebrakti6RaktiCelebrating RubyAD R: Hcp 1Gary Clarke
03/06/2016Specific Choice6LonhroLady of ChoiceTAMW: WINTER DASH 2Cody Morgan
03/06/2016Shining Brooke3HinchinbrookShine On AnnaTAMW: F&M BENCHMARK 60 HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
03/06/2016Belle Voleur3Time ThiefRiver LenaTAR: CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 1Grant Allard
03/06/2016Romanticize5DanewinMiss RomanceMT I: BM 60 HCP 2Kerry Krogh
03/06/2016Artie Dee Two2Artie SchillerStar LogieGEES: 2-Y-O Maiden Plte 1Darren Weir
03/06/2016Swift Tilly4SequaloOur TillyIPSW: Maiden Hcp 3Barry Baldwin
03/06/2016The Wasp2Smart MissilePride of PineTAR: 2YO HANDICAP 3Kris Lees
01/06/2016More Than a Rose3More Than ReadyRose of SharonDOOM: QTIS 3-Y-O Hcp 2John P Thompson