DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGradeResultTrainerSyndicator
31/07/2015Kiss in the Dark3Dane ShadowParisian KissCANB: CLASS 1 & MAIDEN PLATE 1Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
29/07/2015Raido3HussonMisguidingCANT: 3YO BENCHMARK 70 HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
26/07/2015Lilly the Filly4Hold That TigerWinning TeamDOOM: Fillies & Mares Cl1 Hcp 2Bruce W Hill
25/07/2015Romanticize4DanewinMiss RomanceHUGH: Class 2 Hcp 3Kerry Krogh
25/07/2015Awasita4CommandsAemileeCANT: F&M BENCHMARK 84 HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
25/07/2015Made to Order4CommandsMaking FeySCST: Hcp 3Matthew Dunn
25/07/2015Miss Hufflepuff4Encosta de LagoMiss HelgaNCLE: BENCHMARK 70 HANDICAP 3Gerald Ryan
25/07/2015Brook Road4God's OwnCool GalCANT: THE JULY SPRINT 1Kris Lees
25/07/2015Mossbeat3MossmanBeatriceCAUL: 3-Y-O Fillies Hcp 2Robbie Griffiths
24/07/2015Testalina4Testa RossaDevilinaTAR: F&M BENCHMARK 55 HANDICAP 1Allan Denham
22/07/2015Boris Badenov4Magic AlbertBadinov's BabeDOOM: Class 4 Hcp 3Matthew Dunn
22/07/2015More for Me3More Than ReadyLangnessDOOM: QTIS 3-Y-O Fillies Hcp 3Chris Munce
19/07/2015Classy Al4Al SamerClassical ConnieCRAN: BM70 Hcp 3Greg Eurell
19/07/2015Miss Del Toro6BenicioFragilisticCRAN: BM64 Hcp 2Greg Eurell
19/07/2015Kiss in the Dark3Dane ShadowParisian KissWAGG: MAIDEN HANDICAP 1Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
19/07/2015Hetuka Zarsho2SebringZarshoCRAN: 2-Y-O Maiden Plte 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
18/07/2015Real Sting3Real SagaTallulah BeeGCST: 0-70 HCP 2Steven O'dea
18/07/2015Really Reilly3O'ReillyVera's PrideGCST: Maiden Hcp 3Steven O'dea
17/07/2015Unyielding2I Am InvincibleCalemoreCANB: MAIDEN PLATE 3Nick Olive
12/07/2015Lilly the Filly4Hold That TigerWinning TeamGRAF: F&M BENCHMARK 55 HANDICAP 2Bruce W Hill
11/07/2015Real Sting3Real SagaTallulah BeeGCST: Class 1 Hcp 3Steven O'dea
11/07/2015Marvin4Encosta de LagoPetta GayeCHAR: BOOKMAKERS Maiden Plte 1Barry S Smith
10/07/2015Subtract5Al SamerMinus ZeroGUNN: BENCHMARK 65 HANDICAP 3Sally Torrens
10/07/2015Bergdorf3Manhattan RainMiss ExcellenceIPSW: Fillies & Mares Cl1 Hcp 1Matthew Dunn
10/07/2015Canny Henry3Canny LadShady HenriettaWAGG: MAIDEN HANDICAP 3Barbara Joseph & Paul Jones
09/07/2015Naranja2MossmanSevillanoGRAF: THE BIG MAIDEN HANDICAP 2Kris Lees
09/07/2015Raido3HussonMisguidingGRAF: BENCHMARK 60 HANDICAP 1Kris Lees
08/07/2015Full Swing3BlevicShell I SwingBKVA: Sabois 3YO Maiden Plate 1David Jolly
05/07/2015Unyielding2I Am InvincibleCalemoreCANB: 2&3YO MAIDEN PLATE 2Nick Olive
04/07/2015Marvin4Encosta de LagoPetta GayeO PK: QTIS Maiden Hcp 2Barry S Smith
04/07/2015Khutulun4Soldier's TaleGreat TraditionCAUL: Mares Hcp 3Luke Oliver
03/07/2015Destined to Win4Dane ShadowPredestinedGOUL: CG&E BENCHMARK 55 HCP 3John Bateman
01/07/2015Boris Badenov4Magic AlbertBadinov's BabeIPSW: CHANNEL 7 Class 4 Hcp 2Matthew Dunn
01/07/2015Bizarre3Written TycoonCanhillBRAT: 3-Y-O BM64 Hcp 3John Price