Syndication Results

DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGradeResultTrainerSyndicator
26/07/2017Montana Pines3HussonPoplarsIPSW: QTIS 3-Y-O Maiden Plte 2Tony Gollan
25/07/2017Aberration3LonhroHallucinatesWYNG: CL1 2Brad Widdup
23/07/2017Letsava Win4SavabeelClassicalPT A: BM 64 Hcp 2Darren Egan
23/07/2017Ay Oh Whey Oh4Reward for EffortWalklikeanegyptianPT A: BM 60 Hcp 2Robbie Atkinson
23/07/2017Chastity Strikes3Smart MissileImanunNARR: MDN-SW 1Scott Spackman
22/07/2017Invitations5Street CryCome HitherDRWN: 0 - 70 Hcp 3Michael Hickmott
22/07/2017Argent D'or3SebringLa GoulueRAND: 3YO BM78 1Joseph Pride
22/07/2017Annaman5MossmanShine On AnnaMRPK: SABOIS + BM 75 Hcp 3Darren Weir
19/07/2017Thornett4Thorn ParkGrietDOOM: BM60 Hcp 2Steven O'dea
19/07/2017Yes Tonight4RothesayJessphineDOOM: CARLTON MID Maiden Hcp 1Steven O'dea
19/07/2017Asalwas3SebringMarhetaDOOM: XXXX GOLD Maiden Hcp 1Chris Munce
16/07/2017Chilcotin3Medaglia D'oroLake CharlotteHAWK: CL1 3Brad Widdup
16/07/2017Fire Agate4StrategicCrystal BelleGEEL: BM78 Hcp 2Greg Eurell
16/07/2017Royal Volley3ViscountEvertGEEL: 3-Y-O Maiden Plte 2John Price
15/07/2017Rosettas Whey4Testa RossaFromageNCLE: CL2 3Gerald Ryan
15/07/2017Man of His Word4Lope de VegaMandalinaRHIL: WINTER STK Listed2Bruce W Hill
15/07/2017Remodify3Master of DesignRepressDRWN: Maiden Plte 2Neil Dyer
15/07/2017Francisca2Lope de VegaAshanti QueenGCST: QTIS 2-Y-O Maiden Plte 1Steven O'dea
15/07/2017Labrooke4HinchinbrookLaebeelNCLE: CL2 3Kris Lees
15/07/2017Arbeitsam3SnitzelWorkhardRHIL: 3YO BM74 2Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott
15/07/2017See the Night3SebringNight And DayMOE: 3-Y-O Fillies Maiden Plte 3Ciaron Maher
14/07/2017Clevanicc3NicconiClever MeSCNE: 3Y MDN 1Kris Lees
13/07/2017Hetuka Zarsho4SebringZarshoBRAT: BM64 Hcp 3Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
12/07/2017Glitra4StravinskyThe GlitterGRAF: BM65 1John A Sprague
12/07/2017Game Pie5TamayuzPrincess NalaBKVA: Class 2 Hcp 1Tony McEvoy
12/07/2017Powderworks4ShaftProfits RockSANL: Fillies & Mares BM78 Hcp 3Darren Weir
12/07/2017Star Reflection4Time ThiefDawn to DuskCANT: F&M BM72 2Kris Lees
12/07/2017Dubawi Sniper3SnippetsonDubawi DancerGRAF: MDN-SW 1Bruce W Hill
11/07/2017Aberration3LonhroHallucinatesGOSF: CG&E BM60 3Brad Widdup
10/07/2017Isthmian3I Am InvincibleAmber's ArionTAMW: CL3 1Kris Lees
09/07/2017Mandee3Exceed And ExcelMandy ViaPAKS: BM64 Hcp 2Ciaron Maher
09/07/2017Dubawi Sniper3SnippetsonDubawi DancerGRAF: MDN 3Bruce W Hill
09/07/2017Readabeel3SavabeelRead My LipsWAGG: 3Y MDN-SW 1John Bateman
08/07/2017Urban Ruler3Street BossMinnastarFLEM: Silver Bowl Series Final 2Greg Eurell
08/07/2017Celebrakti7RaktiCelebrating RubyBRME: BM 64+ Hcp 2Chris Pollard
08/07/2017Trevinder6Dane ShadowKiss Me SophieDOOM: BM90 Hcp 3Robert Heathcote
08/07/2017Arbeitsam3SnitzelWorkhardW FM: 3Y BM72 1Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott
08/07/2017Tough Vic3Tough SpeedVickersDON: 0 - 58 Hwgt Hcp 1Darren Weir
08/07/2017Secret Reward2Reward for EffortMaid in SecretGAWL: Sabois 2YO Hcp 3Darren Weir
08/07/2017Gingersnap3SnippetsonThe GingermeisterGCST: QTIS 3-Y-O Hcp 3Kris Lees
08/07/2017Brook Magic2HinchinbrookMagitaW FM: 2YO HCP 2Joseph Pride
07/07/2017Chilcotin3Medaglia D'oroLake CharlotteGOUL: 3Y MDN 1Brad Widdup
06/07/2017Labrooke4HinchinbrookLaebeelHAWK: CL2 2Kris Lees
06/07/2017Asalwas3SebringMarhetaGRAF: MDN-SW 3Chris Munce
05/07/2017Archytas5Jet SpurQuality AppealGCST: SKY RACING Class 3 Plte 3Chris Munce
04/07/2017Miss Scandilous4MagnusMidnight BluesCOR: CL1-SW 2Michael Huglin
03/07/2017Glitra4StravinskyThe GlitterTAR: BM60 1John A Sprague
03/07/2017Honolulu Lass3HinchinbrookVelascoMILD: Maiden Plte 2Patrick Payne
02/07/2017Naranja4MossmanSevillanoTWBA: Class 2 Hcp 1Pat Webster
02/07/2017Royal Volley3ViscountEvertSALE: Maiden Plte 3John Price
01/07/2017Reneged4MossmanHussyannaRHIL: 4Y+ BM77 3John P Thompson
01/07/2017Man of His Word4Lope de VegaMandalinaSCST: GLASSHOUSE HCP Listed3Bruce W Hill
01/07/2017Francisca2Lope de VegaAshanti QueenGCST: QTIS 2-Y-O Maiden Hcp 2Steven O'dea
01/07/2017Magentaz4Redoute's ChoiceZapurpleNCLE: CL1-SW 3Gerald Ryan
30/06/2017Little Shocker3ShockingChicken LittleKEMP: 3Y SWP 1Kris Lees
30/06/2017Deneeky2DenmanCheeky OrderKEMP: 2Y HCP 3Kris Lees
29/06/2017Rosettas Whey4Testa RossaFromageWYNG: F&M BM65 2Gerald Ryan
29/06/2017Rhymes3Medaglia D'oroRipe PlumWYNG: F&M BM65 1Kris Lees
29/06/2017The Exchequer2ChoisirMoney TreeWYNG: MDN 3Joseph Pride
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