DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
31/03/2017Tribal Wisdom3MakfiPlatinum PassionGOSF: PLUIM GROUP GOSFORD GUINEASListed
25/03/2017Tally4Street CryItemiseMORN: LADBROKES MORNINGTON CUPListed
25/03/2017Gatting3Hard SpunStubbornASCT: SCHWEPPES-MELVISTA STAKESListed
25/03/2017Montoya's Secret3High ChaparralDivine SecretRHIL: VINERY STUD STAKESGroup 1
25/03/2017Bassett4SavabeelFledglingMORN: LADBROKES HAREEBA STAKESListed
25/03/2017Jameka4MyboycharlieMine GameRHIL: THE BMWGroup 1
25/03/2017Spectroscope4Medaglia D'oroDiamondrellaRHIL: RYDGES PARRAMATTA DONCASTER PRELUDEGroup 3
25/03/2017Jungle Edge6DubawiJungle GirlRHIL: E-GROUP SECURITY STAR KINGDOM STAKESGroup 3
25/03/2017The Mission2ChoisirMy AmeliaRHIL: THE SCHWEPPERVESCENCEGroup 3
24/03/2017Silent Sedition4War ChantFiorentinaM V: KEOGH HOMES WILLIAM REID STAKESGroup 1
24/03/2017I Am a Star3I Am InvincibleStar BandM V: WILLIAM HILL SUNLINE STAKESGroup 2
24/03/2017Oregon's Day3DomesdayOregon SealM V: ART SERIES HOTEL GROUP ALEXANDRA STAKES Group 3
24/03/2017Doubt I'm Dreaming2Not a Single DoubtDreaming of YouM V: ASCEND SALES VALLEY PEARLListed
24/03/2017Green Sweet5Smart StrikeOnly GreenALB: COMMERCIAL CLUB ALBURY GOLD CUPListed
23/03/2017Material Man5Vital EquineDel LirioBUNB: XXXX GOLD-BUNBURY CUPListed
19/03/2017Man Booker4DiscorsiMorineBUNB: APH CONTRACTORS-BUNBURY STAKESListed
19/03/2017Quilista3Scandal KeeperBrocky's AceBUNB: RANGEVIEW STUD CLASSICListed
18/03/2017Consommateur4Roc De CambesConsumerRHIL: BRADFORD BLACK EPONA STAKESGroup 3
18/03/2017Hellova Street6HelikeButter StreetFLEM: GOODWOOD RACECOURSE MARCH STAKES Listed
18/03/2017Kiss Bang Love2DemeritVacillareASCT: GIMCRACK STAKESGroup 3
18/03/2017Russian Revolution3SnitzelBallet D'amourRHIL: NATHAN'S FAMOUS HOTDOGS GALAXYGroup 1
18/03/2017She Will Reign2Manhattan RainCourgetteRHIL: LONGINES GOLDEN SLIPPERGroup 1
18/03/2017Upstart Pride5Tycoon RulerProudGCST: CARBINE CLUB OF QUEENSLAND GOLDMARKETListed
18/03/2017Royal Star3Redoute's ChoiceStar EncounterASCT: NATASHA STAKESListed
18/03/2017Gingernuts3IffraajDouble ElleRHIL: SKY RACING ROSEHILL GUINEASGroup 1
18/03/2017Wacked Out2So SecretReal HiASCT: PERTH STAKESListed
18/03/2017Palentino4TeofiloPalatine HillFLEM: INCOGNITUS BLAMEY STAKESGroup 2
18/03/2017Winx5Street CryVegas ShowgirlRHIL: CHINA HORSE CLUB GEORGE RYDERGroup 1
18/03/2017Shoals2Fastnet RockThe Broken ShoreFLEM: TBV THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS STAKESGroup 3
18/03/2017Our Ivanhowe7Soldier HollowIndigo GirlRHIL: RANVET STAKESGroup 1
18/03/2017Raiment3Street CryClothingRHIL: TAB BIRTHDAY CARD STAKESGroup 3
18/03/2017Big Duke5Raven's PassHazaraynaRHIL: IRRESISTIBLE POOLS & SPAS N E MANION CUPGroup 3
17/03/2017Hardham3Redoute's ChoiceNureyev's GirlM V: WILLIAM HILL ALISTER CLARK STAKESGroup 2
17/03/2017Bassett4SavabeelFledglingM V: SWEENEY ESTATE AGENTS ABELL STAKESListed
17/03/2017Happy Clapper6TeofiloBuskingNCLE: COCA-COLA NEWCASTLE NEWMARKET HANDICAPGroup 3
13/03/2017Burning Front6PrimusShe's a KnockoutMORP: SCHWEPPES C S HAYES MEMORIAL CUPListed
13/03/2017Annus Mirabilis6MontjeuLove Me TrueMORP: UBET ADELAIDE CUPGroup 2
13/03/2017Casino Wizard6Any Given SaturdayCasino NightsMORP: MY KITCHEN RULES MATRICE STAKESListed
12/03/2017Material Man5Vital EquineDel LirioBUNB: PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL CUPListed
11/03/2017Final Salute3Not a Single DoubtSophia BabeASCT: WORLD PLUMBING DAY-J.C. ROBERTS STAKESListed
11/03/2017It's Somewhat6DynaformerSometimeRHIL: HYLAND RACE COLOURS AJAX STAKESGroup 2
11/03/2017Humidor4TeofiloZalikaFLEM: TAB AUSTRALIAN CUPGroup 1
11/03/2017Heavens Above5Street CryReggieRHIL: COOLMORE CLASSICGroup 1
11/03/2017Redkirk Warrior6NotnowcatoFlagFLEM: LEXUS NEWMARKET HANDICAPGroup 1
11/03/2017Foxplay3FoxwedgeButtersRHIL: CELLARBRATIONS PHAR LAP STAKESGroup 2
11/03/2017Circular4Street CryHexameterFLEM: SCHWEPPERVESCENCE TROPHYGroup 3
11/03/2017Tavago4TavistockSara AnnRHIL: MCGRATH ESTATE AGENTS SKY HIGH STAKESGroup 3
11/03/2017I Am a Star3I Am InvincibleStar BandFLEM: TAB KEWNEY STAKESGroup 2
11/03/2017Tulip2PierroMusidoraRHIL: CHANDON S MAGIC NIGHT STAKESGroup 3
11/03/2017Sircconi2NicconiOn CreditFLEM: MSS SECURITY SIRES' PRODUCE STAKESGroup 2
11/03/2017Single Bullet2Not a Single DoubtCheetaraRHIL: CAFE CULTURE + INSITU PAGO PAGO STAKESGroup 3
11/03/2017Falcool3FalvelonBay BreezeFLEM: INCOGNITUS STAKESListed
11/03/2017Artistry5ShamardalLady PeonyRHIL: SMOOTH FM MAURICE MCCARTEN STAKESGroup 3
10/03/2017Dawn Wall3Fastnet RockMennetouK GR: ARROWFIELD KEMBLA GRANGE CLASSICGroup 3
05/03/2017Trapeze Artist2SnitzelTreppesCANB: MERCEDES - BENZ CANBERRA BLACK OPAL STAKESGroup 3
05/03/2017Dark Eyes4SnitzelCinnamon DoveCANB: TAB.COM.AU CANBERRA CUPListed
05/03/2017Eusebio3BenficaTalent TimeCANB: XXXX GOLD CANBERRA GUINEASListed
05/03/2017Gold Symphony4Reward for EffortTzaressCANB: CASINO CANBERRA NATIONAL SPRINTListed
04/03/2017Astronomos6New ApproachCrimson RibbonRAND: GIRVAN WAUGH RANDWICK CITY STAKESListed
04/03/2017Big Memory7Duke of MarmaladeNicaraFLEM: 3AW ROY HIGGINS QUALITYListed
04/03/2017Elle Lou5SnitzelSnipifyRAND: CITY FORD GROUP ASPIRATION QUALITYGroup 3
04/03/2017Master of Arts5MastercraftsmanPetit VerdotMORP: JAMES BOAG'S PREMIUM LORD REIMS STAKESGroup 3
04/03/2017Hey Doc3DuporthHeyington HoneyFLEM: AUSTRALIAN GUINEASGroup 1
04/03/2017Awaken3Dream AheadMystic HourASCT: SCHWEPPES-ASCOT 1000 GUINEASListed
04/03/2017Inference3So You ThinkPontianaRAND: GIRVAN WAUGH RANDWICK GUINEASGroup 1
04/03/2017Time Awaits2NicconiBon TonMORP: UBET CINDERELLA STAKESListed
04/03/2017Colour Charge6Red DazzlerMarket PriceE FM: SKY RACING TATTERSALL'S MEMBERS' CUPListed
04/03/2017He or She6Kendel StarDanessaFLEM: TAB REWARDS STAKESGroup 3
04/03/2017English4Encosta de LagoCourtRAND: HYLAND RACE COLOURS CHALLENGE STAKESGroup 2
04/03/2017Turbo Miss4SebringBallet D'amourFLEM: FRANCES TRESSADY STAKESGroup 3
04/03/2017Seannie2SebringUncanny ChoiceASCT: SUPREMACY STAKESListed
04/03/2017Le Romain4Hard SpunMignardRAND: CANTERBURY BMW STAKESGroup 1
04/03/2017Rocket Commander5Court CommandPinot RoyaleRAND: SCHWEPPES WENONA GIRL QUALITYGroup 3
04/03/2017Ploverset2Street BossEdwina GeorgieFLEM: 3AW IS FOOTBALL STAKESListed
04/03/2017Samantha3SnitzelIcedgingerRAND: BRADLEY AUSTRALIA FIREBALL STAKESListed
04/03/2017Heatherly4LonhroDancing HeatherFLEM: ATA/BOB HOYSTED HANDICAPListed
04/03/2017Gunnison2Not a Single DoubtColorado ClaireRAND: UNSW TODMAN STAKESGroup 2
04/03/2017Frolic2HussonLevellerRAND: AFFINITY SHIPPING REISLING STAKESGroup 2