DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
26/02/2017Man Booker4DiscorsiMorinePINJ: 'CHAFF CITY'- PINJARRA CLASSICListed
25/02/2017Silent Sedition4War ChantFiorentinaCAUL: PREMIER SIGNS MANNERISM STAKESGroup 3
25/02/2017Dixie Blossoms4Street SenseWhistle DixieRAND: GUY WALTER STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017Sheidel5Holy Roman EmperorLaventourCAUL: THE RESIMAX GROUP OAKLEIGH PLATEGroup 1
25/02/2017Winx5Street CryVegas ShowgirlRAND: TAB CHIPPING NORTON STAKESGroup 1
25/02/2017Pounamu5AuthorizedTangiwaiASCT: DETONATOR STAKESListed
25/02/2017Catchy2Fastnet RockCats WhiskerCAUL: LADBROKES BLUE DIAMOND STAKESGroup 1
25/02/2017La Bella Diosa3So You ThinkA Star AffairRAND: THERACES.COM.AU SURROUND STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017Stratum Star5StratumPurely SpectacularCAUL: CROWN LAGER PETER YOUNG STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017McCreery5Big Bad BobDolmaRAND: OPENMARKETS & BMYG LIVERPOOL CITY CUPGroup 3
25/02/2017Gangbuster3BlackfriarsOopsy DoopsyASCT: LEX PIPER STAKESListed
25/02/2017Black Heart Bart6BlackfriarsSister TheresaCAUL: ITALKTRAVEL FUTURITY STAKESGroup 1
25/02/2017Diamond Tathagata2HinchinbrookMalteseRAND: SCHWEPPES SKYLINE STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017Savanna Amour3Love Conquers AllSavanna La MarCAUL: POLYTRACK ANGUS ARMANASCO STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017One More Honey2OnemorenomoreOne Funny HoneyRAND: VALE EDGAR BRITT OAM SWEET EMBRACE STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017One More Honey2OnemorenomoreOne Funny HoneyRAND: VALE EDGAR BRITT OAM SWEET EMBRACE STAKESGroup 2
25/02/2017Benz3BushrangerMycedesCAUL: LADBROKES ZEDITAVE STAKESGroup 3
25/02/2017Boom Time5Flying SpurBit of a RideCAUL: LADBROKES MORNINGTON CUP PRELUDEListed
24/02/2017Brugal Reward3Reward for EffortTiger TessM V: SIMPSON CONSTRUCTION TYPHOON TRACY STAKESGroup 3
22/02/2017Hellova Street6HelikeButter StreetLAUN: LUXBET MOWBRAY STAKESListed
22/02/2017Big Duke5Raven's PassHazaraynaLAUN: LUXBET LAUNCESTON CUPGroup 3
22/02/2017Pateena Arena2Needs FurtherGehennaLAUN: STEVE’S LIQUOR GOLD SOVEREIGNListed
19/02/2017Kiss Me Ketut6DanroadMake Me DreamLAUN: ARMIDALE STUD NEEDS FURTHER VAMOS STAKESGroup 3
19/02/2017Parthesia3Raise the FlagNotableLAUN: BROOKLYN PARK AGISTMENT TASMANIAN OAKS Listed
18/02/2017Classic Uniform4Al MaherPyrotechnicsRHIL: PARRAMATTA CUPListed
18/02/2017Terravista7Captain RioParforeFLEM: BLACK CAVIAR LIGHTNINGGroup 1
18/02/2017Precious Memories3StratumPrecious MomentASCT: CHALLENGE STAKESListed
18/02/2017In Her Time4Time ThiefHell It's HotRHIL: RANVET MILLIE FOX STAKESGroup 2
18/02/2017Mail It In4ResetSouthern RoseMORP: HOLDFAST INSURANCE BIRTHDAY CUPListed
18/02/2017Great Shot4MagnusSatin CoversASCT: CYRIL FLOWER STAKESListed
18/02/2017Man From Uncle3Uncle MoDereliqueRHIL: SCHWEPPES HOBARTVILLE STAKESGroup 2
18/02/2017Hey Doc3DuporthHeyington HoneyFLEM: CS HAYES STAKESGroup 3
18/02/2017She Will Reign2Manhattan RainCourgetteRHIL: TAB SILVER SLIPPER STAKESGroup 2
18/02/2017Kenedna3Not a Single DoubtMiss DodwellFLEM: THE TAB VANITYGroup 3
18/02/2017Ducimus2SnitzelBeauty WorldFLEM: TALINDERT STAKESListed
17/02/2017Northwest Passage3So You ThinkDanevadeM V: ADVANCED MAILING SOLUTIONS TORNEY NIGHT CUPListed
13/02/2017Zestful5Redoute's ChoiceZestRAND: ROBRICK LODGE TRISCAY STAKESGroup 3
13/02/2017Winx5Street CryVegas ShowgirlRAND: THE STAR APOLLO STAKESGroup 2
13/02/2017Global Glamour3Star WitnessSpectaculaRAND: TAB LIGHT FINGERS STAKESGroup 2
13/02/2017Invincible Gem3I Am InvincibleDiamond DayRAND: TRAINER CONNECTIONS SPRING STAKESGroup 3
13/02/2017Le Romain4Hard SpunMignardRAND: THE CHI-X SOUTHERN CROSS STAKESGroup 3
11/02/2017Prussian Vixen4King of PrussiaMiss EileenCAUL: MYPUNTER.COM BELLMAINE STAKESGroup 3
11/02/2017Burning Front6PrimusShe's a KnockoutCAUL: THE RESIMAX GROUP TS CARLYON CUPGroup 3
11/02/2017Black Heart Bart6BlackfriarsSister TheresaCAUL: LADBROKES C.F. ORR STAKESGroup 1
11/02/2017Super Cash4Written TycoonSuper BucksCAUL: SCHWEPPES RUBITON STAKESGroup 2
11/02/2017Fuhryk3Star WitnessFuhrnaticCAUL: KEVIN HAYES STAKESGroup 3
11/02/2017Property2StarcraftOpalizeCAUL: LADBROKES BLUE DIAMOND PRELUDE (C&G)Group 3
11/02/2017Catchy2Fastnet RockCats WhiskerCAUL: LADBROKES BLUE DIAMOND PRELUDE (F)Group 2
11/02/2017Oak Door3CommandsBeyonce's StarCAUL: HYLAND RACE COLOURS AUTUMN STAKESGroup 2
05/02/2017Count da Vinci6FaltaatCool TalkHOB: LUXBET HOBART CUPGroup 3
05/02/2017Hot Dipped3Written TycoonGalvanizedHOB: LES LEES STRUTT STAKESListed
05/02/2017Hellova Street6HelikeButter StreetHOB: LUXBET THOMAS LYONS STAKESListed
05/02/2017Pateena Arena2Needs FurtherGehennaHOB: PRICELINE ELWICK STAKESListed
04/02/2017Thermal Current6Exceed And ExcelSoaressaCAUL: LE PINE FUNERALS W.J. ADAMS STAKESListed
04/02/2017In Her Time4Time ThiefHell It's HotRAND: CHINA HORSE CLUB BREEDERS CLASSICGroup 2
04/02/2017Legless Veuve3PinsHyadesCAUL: LADBROKES MANFRED STAKESGroup 3
04/02/2017Formality2Fastnet RockJolie's ShinjuCAUL: LADBROKES CHAIRMAN'S STAKESGroup 3
04/02/2017Jukebox2SnitzelJestatuneCAUL: INGLIS PREMIERRestricted Listed
04/02/2017Veranillo2Medaglia D'oroSheltersRAND: HINCHINBROOK PLATEListed
03/02/2017Ocean Embers4BeneteauBurningwoodHOB: MAGIC MILLIONS BOW MISTRESSGroup 3
03/02/2017Northwest Passage3So You ThinkDanevadeHOB: SCHWEPPES TASMANIAN DERBYListed