DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
29/10/2016Illustrious Lad5I Am InvincibleIndustriousFLEM: TAB.COM.AU STAKESGroup 2
29/10/2016Le Romain4Hard SpunMignardFLEM: CANTALA STAKESGroup 1
29/10/2016Heart Starter4DomesdayFlaming HeartASCT: SEACORP-ASIAN BEAU STAKESGroup 3
29/10/2016Rock Magic7Redoute's ChoiceRockabubbleASCT: PRINCE OF WALES STAKESGroup 3
29/10/2016Prized Icon3More Than ReadyTropical AffairFLEM: AAMI VICTORIA DERBYGroup 1
29/10/2016I Am a Star3I Am InvincibleStar BandFLEM: MYER CLASSICGroup 1
29/10/2016Flying Artie3Artie SchillerFlying RubyFLEM: COOLMORE STUD STAKESGroup 1
29/10/2016Oceanographer5Sea The StarsQue PuntualFLEM: LEXUS STAKESGroup 3
29/10/2016Sheidel5Holy Roman EmperorLaventourFLEM: SENSIS STAKESGroup 3
29/10/2016Tiamo Grace3Monaco ConsulSicileFLEM: MUMM WAKEFUL STAKESGroup 2
29/10/2016Comin' Through3Fastnet RockMica's PrideFLEM: THE CARBINE CLUB STAKESGroup 3
26/10/2016Francis of Assisi7Danehill DancerQueen CleopatraBDGO: JAYCO BENDIGO CUPGroup 3
23/10/2016Chocolate Holic4BlackfriarsWorld FamousNTHM: XXXX GOLD-NORTHAM CUPListed
23/10/2016First Course8SnitzelShort 'n' SweepSALE: LADBROKES SALE CUPListed
22/10/2016Sacred Elixir3Pour MoiBaltikaM V: LUCRF SUPER VASEGroup 2
22/10/2016Winx5Street CryVegas ShowgirlM V: WILLIAM HILL COX PLATEGroup 1
22/10/2016Caipirinha3NicconiProstarASCT: ARLEC AUSTRALIA-BELGRAVIA STAKESListed
22/10/2016Grand Marshal7DansiliMargarulaM V: ANTLER LUGGAGE MOONEE VALLEY GOLD CUPGroup 2
22/10/2016The United States7GalileoBeauty is TruthM V: SCHWEPPES CRYSTAL MILEGroup 2
22/10/2016Nurse Kitchen3SavabeelFlying MontyM V: P.W. GLASS FILLIES CLASSICGroup 2
22/10/2016Kaniana6Canny LadSt AnnaM V: MERLIN GARAGE DOOR OPENERS STAKESGroup 3
22/10/2016Archives3HelmetPreserveM V: TELSTRA PHONEWORDS STAKESGroup 3
22/10/2016Sweet Sherry3Bel EspritAmorosoM V: BERTOCCHI CROCKETT STAKESListed
22/10/2016Azazel2SnitzelAllarizaM V: INGLIS BANNERRestricted Listed
21/10/2016Rebel Dane7California DaneTexarcanaM V: WILLIAM HILL MANIKATO STAKESGroup 1
19/10/2016Rockolicious5Fastnet RockRock DivaGEEL: ROSEMONT STUD STAKESListed
19/10/2016Qewy7Street CryPrincess NadaGEEL: BET365 GEELONG CUPGroup 3
19/10/2016Captain Duffy3King CugatMiss EncostaGEEL: EMSLEY LODGE GEELONG CLASSICListed
15/10/2016Voodoo Lad5I Am InvincibleO'fortunaCAUL: LADBROKES MOONGA STAKESGroup 3
15/10/2016Spieth4Thorn ParkStella LiviaRAND: CITY TATTERSALLS LIGHTNINGListed
15/10/2016Our Boy Malachi8Top EchelonRusticateCAUL: DILMAH FOR LOVERS OF TEA CAULFIELD SPRINTGroup 2
15/10/2016Lite'n in My Veins4HenrythenavigatorBeauty WorldASCT: NORTHERLY STAKESGroup 3
15/10/2016Egyptian Symbol4StratumOur Egyptian RaineRAND: ICD PROPERTY NIVISONGroup 3
15/10/2016Cavaloce6Testa RossaRefitMORP: PROGRAMMED DURBRIDGE STAKESListed
15/10/2016Jameka4MyboycharlieMine GameCAUL: BMW CAULFIELD CUPGroup 1
15/10/2016Spright3HinchinbrookDashoffRAND: AINSWORTH BRIAN CROWLEY STAKESListed
15/10/2016First Seal5Fastnet RockEpisodeCAUL: SCHWEPPES TRISTARC STAKESGroup 2
15/10/2016Junoob9HaafhdFaydahRAND: CITY TATTERSALLS CLUB CUPListed
15/10/2016Vanbrugh4Encosta de LagoSoho SecretCAUL: PRICELINE PHARMACY COONGY CUPGroup 3
15/10/2016Good Standing3Artie SchillerElahiCAUL: LADBROKES CLASSICGroup 3
15/10/2016Eleonora3MakfiSopra TuttoCAUL: NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK ETHEREAL STAKESGroup 3
15/10/2016Palazzo Pubblico5ConatusPiazza Del CampoCAUL: CROWN LAGER ALINGHI STAKESListed
15/10/2016Peacock3LonhroIridescenteCAUL: POLYTRACK GOTHIC STAKESListed
12/10/2016Euro Angel4Rip Van WinklePolish PrincessCAUL: NICK JOHNSTONE REAL ESTATE LADIES' DAY VASEGroup 3
12/10/2016Keen Array4Bel EspritMooreaCAUL: ITALKTRAVEL STAKESListed
12/10/2016Sandhill Warrior9Black HawkStar O'warM BR: CARLTON DRAUGHT MURRAY BRIDGE GOLD CUPListed
12/10/2016Flying Artie3Artie SchillerFlying RubyCAUL: CATANACH'S JEWELLERS BLUE SAPPHIRE STAKESGroup 3
08/10/2016Star Turn3Star WitnessGolden DeliciousCAUL: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC SCHILLACI STKSGroup 2
08/10/2016He's Our Rokkii4Roc De CambesClerihewCAUL: IG MARKETS TOORAK HANDICAPGroup 1
08/10/2016Dixie Blossoms4Street SenseWhistle DixieRAND: TAB ANGST STAKESGroup 3
08/10/2016Pretty Punk3Rebel RaiderReliabilityMORP: HILL SMITH STAKESListed
08/10/2016Divine Prophet3ChoisirProphet JewelCAUL: LADBROKES CAULFIELD GUINEASGroup 1
08/10/2016Yankee Rose3All AmericanCondesaarRAND: MOET & CHANDON SPRING CHAMPION STAKESGroup 1
08/10/2016Global Glamour3Star WitnessSpectaculaCAUL: SCHWEPPES THOUSAND GUINEASGroup 1
08/10/2016Winx5Street CryVegas ShowgirlCAUL: LADBROKES STAKESGroup 1
08/10/2016Sheidel5Holy Roman EmperorLaventourCAUL: CAPE GRIM BEEF STEAKSGroup 3
08/10/2016Chetwood4Exceed And ExcelEldarinCAUL: CATALINA SOUNDS WEEKEND HUSSLER STAKESListed
08/10/2016Hear the Chant3NicconiQuietzerCAUL: THOROUGHBRED CLUB STAKESGroup 3
08/10/2016Assign6MontjeuBelestaCAUL: LADBROKES HERBERT POWER STAKESGroup 2
08/10/2016Wait for No One2LonhroDivine ChoiceCAUL: INGLIS DEBUTANT STAKESListed
02/10/2016Ulmann5SebringDarsiniFLEM: PARIS LANE HANDICAP Listed
02/10/2016French Emotion5SnitzelLove And EmotionFLEM: BLAZER STAKESGroup 2
02/10/2016Hartnell6AuthorizedDebonnaireFLEM: YELLOWGLEN TURNBULL STAKESGroup 1
02/10/2016Serenely Discreet3Exceed And ExcelI'm DiscreetFLEM: TAB EDWARD MANIFOLD STAKESGroup 2
02/10/2016Almandin7MonsunAnatolaFLEM: THE BART CUMMINGSGroup 3
02/10/2016The Quarterback6Street BossSoorenaFLEM: GILGAI STAKESGroup 2
02/10/2016Wine Bush3High ChaparralVinavionFLEM: UCI STAKESListed
02/10/2016Inside Agent3StravinskyOctapussyFLEM: POSEIDON STAKESListed
02/10/2016Madeenaty2Exceed And ExcelSet for FameFLEM: MARIBYRNONG TRIAL STAKESListed
01/10/2016Takedown4StratumApameaRAND: SANTOS COFFEE PREMIERE STAKESGroup 2
01/10/2016Lite'n in My Veins4HenrythenavigatorBeauty WorldBLMT: BIRTHDAY STAKESListed
01/10/2016Sir John Hawkwood8Sir PercyAtheneRAND: MCGRATH ESTATE AGENTS METROPOLITANGroup 1
01/10/2016Hauraki5ResetYouthful PresenceRAND: TAB EPSOM HANDICAPGroup 1
01/10/2016Global Glamour3Star WitnessSpectaculaRAND: SYDNEY AIRPORT FLIGHT STAKESGroup 1
01/10/2016Russian Revolution3SnitzelBallet D'amourRAND: THE STAR ROMAN CONSULGroup 2
01/10/2016Moqueen3Uncle MoMoney Begets MoneyRAND: TAB DULCIFY QUALITYListed
01/10/2016It's Somewhat6DynaformerSometimeRAND: APN OUTDOOR CRAVEN PLATEGroup 3
01/10/2016Khan2Exceed And ExcelMandawaraRAND: NEWGATE BREEDERS' PLATEListed
01/10/2016Jorda2Exceed And ExcelMontmeloRAND: KEENELAND GIMCRACK STAKESListed