DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
26/02/2014The Cleaner6Savoire VivreDash of ScotchLAUN: TATTSBET GEORGE ADAMS PLATEListed
26/02/2014Epingle6PinsEtoile du NordLAUN: BETFAIR 150TH LAUNCESTON CUPGroup 3
26/02/2014Iggimacool3Savoire VivreHidden MomentLAUN: LAUNCESTON CITY COUNCIL TASMANIAN OAKSListed
26/02/2014Admiral2MossmanReunificationLAUN: CARLTON DRAUGHT GOLD SOVEREIGN STAKESListed
23/02/2014Sweet As Bro4High ChaparralSuccessfillyKILM: WANDONG BUS AND COACH KILMORE CUPListed
23/02/2014Watermans Bay5Eternity RangeParisian PrincessPINJ: CHAFF CITY-PINJARRA CLASSICListed
22/02/2014Bonaria5Redoute's ChoiceDecidityCAUL: PREMIER SIGNS MANNERISM STAKESGroup 3
22/02/2014Lankan Rupee4Redoute's ChoiceEstelle CollectionCAUL: SPORTINGBET OAKLEIGH PLATEGroup 1
22/02/2014Lilliburlero4Redoute's ChoiceRegimental GalRAND: ROBRICK LODGE TRISCAY STAKESGroup 3
22/02/2014Earthquake2Exceed And ExcelCataclysmCAUL: SPORTINGBET BLUE DIAMOND STAKESGroup 1
22/02/2014Appearance5CommandsDisguiseRAND: SCHWEPPES APOLLO STAKESGroup 2
22/02/2014Tiger Tees6DubawiParforeE FM: TEAC FALVELON QUALITY HANDICAPListed
22/02/2014Moment of Change5Barely a MomentEuropiumCAUL: CATHAY PACIFIC FUTURITY STAKESGroup 1
22/02/2014Fiorente6MonsunDesert BloomCAUL: CARLTON DRAUGHT PETER YOUNG STAKESGroup 2
22/02/2014Sweet Idea3SnitzelFlidaisRAND: RED LEA CHICKENS LIGHT FINGERS STAKESGroup 2
22/02/2014Vilanova3CommandsOur ValpolicellaCAUL: BMW CAULFIELD AUTUMN CLASSICGroup 2
22/02/2014Terravista4Captain RioParforeRAND: SOUTHERN CROSS STAKESGroup 3
22/02/2014Spirits Dance3Statue Of LibertyJubilant SpiritCAUL: POLYTRACK ANGUS ARMANASCO STAKESGroup 2
22/02/2014Not Listenin'tome3Dylan ThomasFlame of SydneyCAUL: SPORTINGBET ZEDITAVE STAKESGroup 3
21/02/2014Big Memory4Duke of MarmaladeNicaraM V: ADAPT AUSTRALIA TORNEY NIGHT CUPListed
21/02/2014Jazz Song3Fastnet RockAbsolut GlamM V: SIMPSON CONSTRUCTION TYPHOON TRACY STAKESGroup 3
19/02/2014Rebel Bride6TelestoStriking SortLAUN: ARMIDALE STUD "NEEDS FURTHER" VAMOS STAKESGroup 3
15/02/2014Pop Culture5BlackfriarsGeorgia's StormASCT: MAGIC MILLIONS RACE SERIES-DETONATOR STAKESListed
15/02/2014Vima7Made of GoldCommanding SightMRPK: HOLDFAST INSURANCE BIRTHDAY CUPListed
15/02/2014Snitzerland4SnitzelMonte RosaFLEM: BLACK CAVIAR LIGHTNINGGroup 1
15/02/2014Catkins4DubawiSalix CapreaRHIL: NSW THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS CLASSICGroup 2
15/02/2014Spin da Wheels3Hard SpunMiss DucatiASCT: MAGIC MILLIONS YEARLING SALE-CHALLENGE STAKESListed
15/02/2014Hucklebuck3ElvstroemKondariFLEM: CS HAYES STAKESGroup 3
15/02/2014El Roca3Fastnet RockRubimillRHIL: ESKIMO PRINCE STAKESListed
15/02/2014Solicit3Street CryPrincesaFLEM: THE MITTYS VANITYGroup 3
15/02/2014Fighting Sun2Northern MeteorIrish DarlingRHIL: CANONBURY STAKESListed
15/02/2014Mossfun2MossmanEye for FunRHIL: WIDDEN STAKESGroup 3
15/02/2014Marcado2ChoisirCircles of IceFLEM: TALINDERT STAKESListed
14/02/2014Epingle6PinsEtoile du NordHOB: BETFAIR HOBART CUPGroup 3
14/02/2014Road Trippin'4Charge ForwardRoad to DamascusHOB: TATTSBET.COM THOMAS LYONS STAKES Listed
14/02/2014Spinning Jenny3Hard SpunSurayaHOB: PFD FOODSERVICES STRUTT STAKES Listed
12/02/2014Instrumentalist5Amadeus WolfKobalt SeaMORN: SPORTINGBET MORNINGTON CUPListed
12/02/2014Knoydart4More Than ReadyRegal CheerMORN: IVECO MELBOURNE TRUCK CENTRE HAREEBA STAKESListed
08/02/2014Amorino4SnitzelSteal My LoveASCT: INITIAL HYGIENE-CYRIL FLOWER STAKESListed
08/02/2014Appearance5CommandsDisguiseRAND: SCSI EXPRESSWAY STAKESGroup 2
08/02/2014A Time for Julia4Redoute's ChoiceProcrastinateCAUL: ROUTLEYS BAKERY BELLMAINE STAKESGroup 3
08/02/2014Moment of Change5Barely a MomentEuropiumCAUL: SPORTINGBET C.F. ORR STAKESGroup 1
08/02/2014Lankan Rupee4Redoute's ChoiceEstelle CollectionCAUL: SCHWEPPES RUBITON STAKES Group 2
08/02/2014Rubick2Encosta de LagoSliding CubeCAUL: SPORTINGBET BLUE DIAMOND PRELUDE (C&G)Group 3
08/02/2014Earthquake2Exceed And ExcelCataclysmCAUL: SPORTINGBET BLUE DIAMOND PRELUDE (F)Group 3
08/02/2014Spirits Dance3Statue Of LibertyJubilant SpiritCAUL: KEVIN HAYES STAKESGroup 3
08/02/2014Thunder Fantasy3Lucky OwnersPink PierCAUL: HYLAND RACE COLOURS AUTUMN STAKESGroup 2
08/02/2014Chase the Rainbow5Dash for CashIllusionalCAUL: HERALD SUN CARLYON CUPGroup 3
02/02/2014Isibaeva6JohannesburgDragilaHOB: PROGRAMMED TURNPOINT BOW MISTRESS TROPHY Group 3
02/02/2014Liberty Leader3Statue Of LibertyUmarisHOB: SCHWEPPES TASMANIAN DERBYListed
02/02/2014Admiral2MossmanReunificationHOB: MOTORS ELWICK 2YO STAKESListed
01/02/2014Prince of Penzance4PentireRoyal SuccessorCAUL: SPORTINGBET MORNINGTON CUP PRELUDEListed
01/02/2014Shamal Wind4DubawiFiremaidCAUL: ROBERT TARANTO W.J. ADAMS STAKESListed
01/02/2014Bull Point3Fastnet RockRose of CimmaronCAUL: JOHN MOULE MANFRED STAKESGroup 3
01/02/2014Nayeli2More Than ReadyWasimahCAUL: MAL SECCULL CHAIRMAN'S STAKESGroup 3