DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
26/12/2010Grand Duels7MarechalValentine's GiftCAUL: CHRISTMAS STAKESListed
26/12/2010Blahnik8JeuneGift BouquetMRPK: P D EXCAVATIONS CHRISTMAS HANDICAPListed
26/12/2010Aloha4Encosta de LagoTennessee MidnightCAUL: EAST WEST ROOFING LORD STAKESListed
26/12/2010Spechenka5DanachenkaSpecial ClassRAND: SUMMER CUPGroup 3
26/12/2010Pepperwood6Easy RockingRhianna LouiseDOOM: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 2011 BERNBOROUGH HANDICAPListed
26/12/2010Benny's Buttons3Refuse to BendStolen BeautyDOOM: PATINACK FARM VO ROGUE PLATEGroup 3
26/12/2010Military Grace2General NediymSearchlightsDOOM: CHANNEL 7 B.J. MCLACHLAN STAKES Listed
22/12/2010Tranquility4Redoute's ChoiceCreatrixASCT: LA TRICE CLASSICListed
19/12/2010Dream Pedlar6West QuestUnamahHOB: KEVIN SHARKIE TASMANIAN STAKES Listed
18/12/2010Swift Alliance5Don EduardoVisual EmotionRAND: BACARDI BREEZER RAZOR SHARP HANDICAPListed
18/12/2010Grand Jardin5Redoute's ChoiceLiberty RoseASCT: R.S. CRAWFORD STAKESListed
18/12/2010Dances On Waves5AnabaaAncient LightsRAND: INGLIS VILLIERS STAKESGroup 2
18/12/2010Colour Correct6High YieldNever BlueASCT: C.B. COX STAKESGroup 2
18/12/2010Zero Rock5DanzeroBroc 'n' RollDOOM: ORIGIN KEBABS LOUGH NEAGH STAKES Listed
18/12/2010Adebisi3ShovhogHell for LeatherDOOM: HOTEL URBAN ST KILDA GOLD EDITION PLATEListed
11/12/2010Premardal4ShamardalPrestigiousASCT: STARSTRUCK CLASSICListed
11/12/2010About Ready5More Than ReadyQuiz AboutMORP: CITY OF MARION STAKESListed
11/12/2010Waratah's Secret4OratorioBlissfullyASCT: A.J. SCAHILL STAKESGroup 3
11/12/2010Bellagio Wynn7DehereHunting GalRHIL: MATRIUM FINANCIAL SERVICES CHRISTMAS CUPListed
11/12/2010Ranger4Testa RossaMarrich BayASCT: W.A. ST. LEGERListed
11/12/2010Beyonce's Star6OrientateConcert StarE FM: SIMON GEORGE & SONS JUST NOW HANDICAPListed
11/12/2010Military Grace2General NediymSearchlightsE FM: HOTEL URBAN BRISBANE CALAWAY GAL STAKESListed
11/12/2010I'm the One2All Bar OneHalcyon DazeE FM: KWIK KOPY PHELAN READY STAKESListed
04/12/2010Brandy Lane5MaroonedRed SpriteASCT: G.A. TOWTON CUPListed
04/12/2010Dysphonia4LonhroStutterRHIL: DE BORTOLI WINES FESTIVAL STAKESListed
04/12/2010Playing God3BlackfriarsDolly Will DoASCT: KINGSTON TOWN CLASSICGroup 1
04/12/2010Playcidium Mint3ForeplaySercidiumASCT: LEE-STEERE CLASSICGroup 3