DateNameAgeSireDamRace NameGrade
26/06/2010Pennacchio5AlignAbenezraE FM: CENTENARY CLASSIC MILEListed
26/06/2010Melito3Redoute's ChoiceCloisterE FM: SKY RACING WINTER STAKESGroup 1
26/06/2010Hay List4Statue Of LibertySing HallelujahE FM: IPG PRINT - W.J. HEALY STAKESGroup 3
26/06/2010Mirrasalo3Redoute's ChoiceSt. ThereseE FM: CARLTON DRAUGHT TATTERSALL'S CUPGroup 3
26/06/2010Superscenic7ScenicMagic ZemBLMT: YORK STAKESListed
26/06/2010Shamillion2ShamardalOne in a MillionE FM: AUSTRALIA POST STAKESListed
23/06/2010Border Rebel4JohannesburgFrontierGOSF: CENTRAL COAST HOLDEN TAKEOVER TARGET STAKESListed
19/06/2010Adnocon4ClangGwennIPSW: IPSWICH 150 - EYE LINER STAKESListed
19/06/2010Mighty Rossa3Testa RossaNo MysteryBLMT: BELMONT GUINEASListed
19/06/2010Our Lukas6GenerousParforeIPSW: CHANNEL 7 IPSWICH CUPListed
14/06/2010Pellizotti2StratumRed LabelleDOOM: CHANNEL SEVEN DALRELLO PLATEListed
12/06/2010Rothesay3Fastnet RockSchiaparelliE FM: SKY RACING QUEENSLAND GUINEASGroup 2
12/06/2010Grand Nirvana4ScenicParadise ParkBLMT: BELMONT SPRINTGroup 3
12/06/2010Black Piranha6ClangJazztrackE FM: AAMI STRADBROKE HANDICAPGroup 1
12/06/2010Dariana3Redoute's ChoiceBeldarianE FM: CHANNEL SEVEN QUEENSLAND DERBYGroup 1
12/06/2010Love Conquers All3MossmanShe's a MeanieRAND: COACH AND HORSES HOTEL JUNE STAKESListed
12/06/2010Crossthestart5Cape CrossStartling LadyE FM: AUSTRALIAN SPECIAL METALS BRISBANE CUPGroup 2
12/06/2010Dubleanny3DubleoUncanny LadyFLEM: A.R. CRESWICK STAKESListed
12/06/2010Pressday2DomesdayKaaptive EmpressE FM: RACETREE T.J. SMITHGroup 1
12/06/2010Our Lukas6GenerousParforeE FM: XXXX GOLD STRAWBERRY ROAD HANDICAPListed
12/06/2010Daunting Lad8LatarmissNew Day DawningE FM: MYER LIGHTNING HANDICAPListed
12/06/2010Parriwi2MossmanSevillanoE FM: AMBASSADOR TRAVEL LANCASTER STAKESListed
05/06/2010Catapulted4CatbirdSiren MissE FM: TCL ELECTRONICS QTC CUPGroup 2
05/06/2010Miss Keepsake3KeeperJaciloE FM: TREASURY CASINO QUEENSLAND OAKSGroup 1
05/06/2010Triple Honour5Honours ListMyrrhE FM: GUVERA EAGLE FARM CUPGroup 2
05/06/2010Twin Wing7IstidaadTiger MothRHIL: COOLMORE WINTER CUPListed
05/06/2010Girl Hussler3HussonetVecchia SignoraE FM: TREASURY CASINO DAYBREAK LOVER PLATEListed
05/06/2010Pressday2DomesdayKaaptive EmpressE FM: B105 BRC SIRES' PRODUCE STAKESGroup 2
05/06/2010Set For Fame3ResetNorthpointE FM: PATINACK FARM DANE RIPPER STAKESGroup 2
05/06/2010Pennacchio5AlignAbenezraE FM: MYER SPEAR CHIEF HANDICAPListed